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Switcharoo warrior Pokemon

Drew and May, kits of Thunderclan

May’s POV

“ugh.” I open my eyes into slits. The ceiling seemed closer and the light was very dim. “Where am I?” I looked around to find a very large cat.

“No need to worry, darling. I’m here.” It spoke. Ahh!! I screamed inwardly. Is it a Pokemon? “what’s wrong dear? Can’t tell who your own mother is.” She poked fun at me. Mother!? Cat!? Wha? I looked down at myself to see white spots almost shaped like petals on brown… Fur!

“Um…” I looked up at her again to see loving, playful eyes.  What’s going on here? She seems almost like my mother in a way.

“Dapplefur,” Another she-cat called. “Have you gotten some herbs from Leafpool for your stiff legs.”

“Not yet. Ha, they treat me like an elder when I’m in here. Blossomkit.” She called, But I was too absorbed in my surroundings and what’s going on. These strange names and They’re Cats For crying out loud!!! “Blossomkit, are you listening to me?” She caught my attention. “You furball.” She licked me between my ears. “I’m going to Leafpool for some herbs, ok? I’ll be back.” Herbs, Does she mean medicine? This is all too strange.

“Blossomkit.” There’s that name again.

“Yes?” I ask. My eyes adjust to the dim light. A brown cat with emerald eyes approached me. Those eyes, they seem so familiar. Then it hits me. “Um… May I ask you a question?”

“You’re asking a question for a question?” He asked mockingly. It is him! I could tell by his voice and his cockiness.

“Drew, is that you?” I ask quickly and quietly.

“I knew I’ve seen those sapphire eyes before.”

“It is.” I brought my muzzle to his flank and purred. I could feel myself grow warm as I touched his fur. “Sorry, umm… animal instinct I guess.”

“About that. We’re cats.” he said straight forward without hesitation.

“yes. What do you think happened?”

“I don’t know. One night I was in the Pokemon Center, the next. In here.” he shrugged.

“What name have they called you?”

“Marshkit. You’re Blossomkit am I correct?”

“As always.” I rolled my eyes.

“Let’s lay low for a while until we do figure out what’s happening."

“Marshkit and Blossomkit, come here.” The she-cat from earlier called.

“She’s Lilyeyes or my mother… I guess.” He walked to her on all fours, while I had a hard time.
“Can’t walk on your own paws Blossomkit?” She chuckled. “go help your friend out Marshkit, she might needs some.”

“Now I see where you get your cockiness.” I leaned on him to get my balance. It wasn’t too hard.

“Aww, look at you two. Just adorable eh, lilyeyes?” Dapplefur entered the little room slightly underground.

“Yeah, yeah.”

“wha! We don’t really like each other like that.”

“Anyways, You two should be pepped up.” We looked curiously at my I guess now mother. “It’s been six moons!”

“You two get to be apprentices.” Lilyeyes said as she groomed herself. Still confused.

“Thunderclan will be so proud to have such strong warriors when you two grow up.” Thunderclan warriors, What are those?

“Were you two born yesterday?” Lilyeyes asked. “Apprentices train to Warriors that protect our clan, Thunderclan.”

“Don’t be so rash Lilyeyes.”

“are we really going through with this?” I asked Drew. “What if we get stuck here… For good.”

“I don’t know just play along. Lilyeyes can me and Blossomkit play outside a little.” He asked in a kiddish manner, you couldn't tell if he was acting or not.

“Go on you two.” She purred at us.

“Let‘s go.” We walked out into the open. Our eyes adjusted to the now bright sun to see us in a large ravine. “Wow.” I looked around and saw many cats. When I opened my mouth, many scents filled it.

“This is almost overwhelming.” Drew said next to me. It seemed odd, but I felt so happy to be next to him, well with him being my rival and best fiend and all.

“Hey, look over there.” I saw one cat come over to this large pile a drop a mouse on top of it.

“Go ahead. Take one.” He called to us. We ran over to him.

“Pick one for you two to share. You’ll be making up for it when you become apprentices.” he chuckled. Then walked to another cat and started grooming her.

“What’s he doing?”

“How should I know?” he retorted.

“They’re sharing tongues.” We turned to see a large, masculine orange tom behind us. “It’s grooming each other.”

“Right.” Drew said.

“ha, usually you two would be clawing each others fur off.” He looked at us warmly “I guess you two will get along after all. Can’t wait to be apprenticed?” he asked

“Of course.” I piped up in a go to attitude.

“I’m glad.” he walked away under a large rock and started  sharing tongues with  a sandy she-cat.

“Everyone here is so friendly.” I said in a now bubbly mood.


“Man, I’m starving.” I said as I looked at my growling belly. We looked at the pile of dead mice, birds and even some rabbits.. Do they expect us to eat that?

“Well, which do you want? We don’t have all day.” We turned to see a cat our size with spot fur like mine, but on black fur. He looked at me oddly. “Why don’t you try the sparrow over there.” He went between me and Drew and slightly brushed pelts with mine… Maybe it’s just showing friendship. I smiled at him. “Hey, why don’t we share it? You are going to be an apprentice soon, like me.  I can‘t what to tell you what it‘s like, even though it‘s only been a half moon.” He perked up at me with such enthusiasm, how could I turn him down? But how long is a half moon?

“Umm, Sur-”

“Actually, she was going to share it with me.” Drew interjected.

“last I checked, Marshkit, you were calling her mouse brained.” I didn’t need a dictionary for that. He doesn’t think I’m stupid! Just clumsy… Drew growled at the young tom then pushed us away with a mouse in his jaws.

“I think this is enough.” he said though teeth then we walked back to the nursery.

“Didn’t have to be so mean.” I scolded him.

“Humph. Let’s just eat now.” he looked at the plump mouse then bit it with caution. “Oh wow, This stuff is actually good.” He began taking bigger bites into the mouse.

“Hey, let me try!” I whined. I took the mouse then gave it a big whole-hearty bite. Flavors ran through my mouth and filled me with energy. “This is amazing.”

“Blossomkit, Marshkit! Come inside once you finish.” My Cat mother called to us. We took our last bites and discarded the bones.

“Coming.” We started racing to see who would get to the nursery first. We skidded to a halt in front of the two cats.

“This is so much fun Dre- Marshkit.”

“Yeah, still not use to the names?” He teased as we entered the small, warm cave “I’ve got it down, Blossomkit. Your little memory won’t go that far.”

“Take that back.” I swatted my paw at him. He ducked then head butted me in the stomach, but not to hard.

“It looks like I even have the Warrior skills thing also.” he said looking at his claws. I tackled by surprise then started biting his ears.

“Ok! You win!.” we released from each others grip and went to a nice bed of, umm.. Moss. We got in it and fell asleep. “This was an exciting day.” I whispered to him, anxious to see what the apprentice thing was about, but clearly he was asleep already. “Night, Drew.”

“goodnight, May.” He said with irritation. I settled down and closed my eyes.
Pokemon and Warrior Switcharoo!

OK, If you don't get it, It's warriors and Pokemon Switched!! this is where the ultimate Fan themes come in! May, Drew, Ash, Misty, Dawn and Paul switch with Crowfeather, Leafpool, squirrelflight, Brambleclaw, Umm... I can't think of two others.

Here's the thing though, They don't necessarily switch status and stuff, Just stories.... But they know they switch stories... Strange isn't it! And this was inspired by someone else who thought of the idea... I'm so sad, I'm doing it on all except some here's the link to the story with the idea first [link] Don't say i stole their idea!

Just to clear things, I'm starting with pokemon warriors:
Apprentices (No, it doesn't mean they're 6 yrs old, They are 16 in the Pokemon world) ((wow, they're all the same age))

May: Blossompaw= Saphire eyes,Spots shaped like petals on Brown fur

Drew: Marshpaw= Emerald eyes and dark Muddy fur (you know what i mean)

I'll do the rest when i get to them. :D i hope ya'll enjoy!

Contestshipping- Thunderclan
1. Here!
2. [link]

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1. [link]
2. [link]
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Awesomeness...... :iconepicnessplz:
OddDreams101 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Wow, I really like this. Even though it's not a completely original idea (the switching, that is), I think you kinda made it your own. Also, I think you did a good job with the dialogue (and the mini battle description). There's one thing I think you could improve upon, and that is describing the character's physical appearance a little more, as some people who searched a keyword (like me) may not know what the Warriors characters actually look like (again, like me). Still, it's very well done. BTW, I like your avatar. Eevee family FTW! :w00t:
Eveeevee Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009
:meow: Thank you :D Most of the time I get Keep working or nice job, But you've helped me to make it a better fanfiction :D I thank you. I'll try to give you a better description of some of the actual characters of the Warrior series in the future.

Also, Eevee Families Rule :iconfurrydanceplz:
OddDreams101 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome. I always try to help fellow writers and artists improve themselves (though nobody seems to care about helping me...) when I comment on their work because very few other people seem to do that.

And yes, EEVEE FAMILY RULES!!! (I can't find an emoticon that has the capability to express my feelings on that...)
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:D that's good to hear, and I could help you with your writing, I try to comment on People's art and Stories too, but i'm not on as much as I use to.

:iconeeveefanclub: W00t! :w00t:
inlovewithmanga Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2009
they're so cute!Contestshipping FTW!!!!
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OH! Thankies so much! you're the first to ever acknowledge that :D :D :D :cookie: :love: :love: :love:
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